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Marco Scarlet two names and one soul man and woman living together. He /She approached photography at 12, at school. He/She attended Nigma Fotography School in Naples and Istituto Bauer in Milan. He/She exposed in MADRE and PAN, the most important modern art statal museums in Naples, in the foyer of the castle Maschio Angioino, in the vanvitellian Succorpo of Annunziata Monastery in Naples. with the support of the Major. He/She won prize, a statal project for the artistic restoration of "Centro Direzionale", quarter of Naples built in the 80s with an industrial feature. He/She also exposed with other artists in Palazzo Grimani, for the Biennale in Venice, with the support of Vincenzo Trione, artistic director of Italy Pavillion at Biennale. In Naples, he/she exposed as well in some of the most prestigious private art galleries, such as Kromia, Salvatore Serio's, Gallery, Sarajevo Supermarket, Mivhs in Naples. Galleria Orsini In Rome. Mixtree’s Gallery in Amsterdam.
Artè have spken about his art and he appear in a book “Il corpo solitario” by Giorgio Bonomi like new exponent of new art photogrpher of the contemporanity.
He's an excellence in astrology and cartomancy. He/she loves reading, writing, travelling, but he hates flying.

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