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Projection, the attitude of humanity in their ¨inspiration. The human’s capability to imagine,"to do, or reach things that do not belong to his nature.¨That superior state of mind which brought humanity to cross the sea and skies and build structures that ¨seem to belong to other elements apart from the ones where they have been placed.
Human amplifying machine, everything he uses to empower himself. ¨What he needs to win his nature, when or where that become the restriction for reaching his goal.
Disproportions that surround us, as a sign of Of the duplicity of tenderness and power of these concepts in the continuing struggle between aspirations and achievements of humanity: ever-changing and even equal to itself.
My research is about humans and their attitudes, shown using pictures as poetry.
I use the photograph as media for recording emotions, which become messages in images.¨Often, when showing them, they are contained in different kinds of installations with the purpose¨of pushing the audience into the dimension where the work was born.


Solo Exhibitions:

2009-2010, Self Contained, Galleria Overfoto, Naples, It.
2008,  Wakes of Trails, Galleria Le Opere, Rome, It.
2004,  Biennale del Teatro, Venice, It
2004   “Lille cultural capital of Europe”, Lille, France
2003,  GLAMnatic LOL, modartedesign, Rome, It
2003  "Young directors project" Salzburg Festspiele
2002,  Naples meets "i Negri" by Jean Genet, Nuovo Teatro Nuovo di, Naples, It.
2001   Angelo HST, HST Studio, Naples, It.

Group Exhibitions

2011, Bologna Arte Fiera, Galleria Overfoto stand, Bologna,IT
2010, Buon Domani/ A Better Tomorrow, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, IT
2010, C’era Una Volta Un Futuro, curated by Atonia Alampi e Anna Simone, Rome, IT
2007, 24 Photography, London, UK
2006, 24 Photography, London, UK


"Teatro in movimento" NTN editino, 2000 Porcile- Der Schweinestall edited by Salzburg Festspiele, 2003

“Solo di passaggio” Galleria Le Opere editions, 2008


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