fine art photo editions


KROMÌA is an Italian e-commerce thought for collectors, interior designers, architects and art lovers looking for affordable high quality photographic prints.

KROMÌA is a VIRTUAL GALLERY, and an EXHIBIT SPACE in Naples-Italy, that brings together a careful selection of contemporary - and mainly Italian - authors using photography as an expressive medium.

The SELECTION is made with a curatorial criterion since the authors are evaluated on the basis of their professional curriculum, and of the quality and consistency of their work. This choice is made by the founders of KROMÌA, on the basis of their years of experience as collectors and directors of a contemporary art gallery with a program focused on photography and video art. We work closely with our artists to propose the wider range in terms of themes, styles, techniques and subjects, always aiming at the highest quality standards.

Normally, Art Galleries offer collectors, Institutions and Museums, unique pieces or very limited editions, costing 3 or 4 figure prices. Alternatively, there are the art history masterpieces mass reproduced, that can be found in poster or Museum shops. There is therefore a gap in the market that KROMÌA aims to fill in by offering its customers photographic prints, chosen according to curatorial criteria, but at affordable prices. Our products will be therefore attractive for young collectors and art lovers, as well as interior designers and architects who will now have a useful and effective tool in order to offer their customers a wider choice in terms of quality and price.

The images offered on sale by KROMÌA are all LIMITED EDITIONS SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. Purchases can be made, as for any other e-commerce system, putting the chosen items in the cart, inserting one’s shipping data and then paying with credit card, Paypal or bank money transfer or visiting our gallery space in Naples.

The printing and framing processes are all Made in Italy. THE PRINTS, all high quality and archivable, are realised in photo-labs of unquestionable experience and reliability or, in the case of black and white analogic prints, by serious and well known craftsmen who were able to preserve love and passion for the traditional printing tecniques. Similarly, THE FRAMES are made by artisans selected by our organization for their log time experience. KROMÌA also put the maximum care for all the shipping process in order to ensure high standards of service in terms of speed and accuracy.

Artistic Director and Founder: Donatella Saccani

Resident Curator: Diana Gianquitto