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Title: Cuba #10
Tecnique: Giclée Fine Art print on Hahnemuehle Baryta paper 315 gr
Year: 2013
Edition: 100


Price: €180.00 VAT Included

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The format 50x70 cm is an edition of 10

The format 70x100 cm is an edition of 10

Hey Baby,
I found the place. Yes. The place for us. A little piece of heaven, as lovers say. On the top of a tower.
A cement tower. All up there. Great views. I chose it for you, just for you. Just for us. Because I
know it. I know that we shall embrace in the wind and watch the ocean at every sunset. You, who so much love the sea, you, who so much love my kisses, you, who so much love my follies. So I rented it. For an instant. Like in a dream. I rented it for the night. For a kiss. As once upon a time.
But once upon a time doesn’t exist anymore and I remained alone, waiting in the night. I saw the sun set and then midnight blue, and then night-at-all. The lights turned on. Those of the city. And then all the lights ... even those surrounding the oil refinery far away, so far away. And dawn showed up without you and with me, alone. I have exhausted all my cigarettes and the bottles of Chilean wine are empty now.
I miss you, Baby. A lot. All this was for you, for us. So I took it for rent another night, waiting for you to come baby ...
(Nicolas Pascarel)

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