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The photographic research by Roberto Simoni is focused on perception. His works go beyond reality, they state a specific, personal and intimate position. His images aim to demonstrate that we must not trust photography, yet be attracted by a more profound vision. They tantalize and intrigue our eyes, so that we tend to believe in what they show us.

Mostre (eng)

2011. Artefiera, Bologna, Italy
2010. Equilibrium (group) Ars Agenda, Munich.
2009. Ehrliche Haut (group) Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.  
2009. Natura Violenza Mito (solo) Galleria Overfoto, Napoli.
2009. Crooma Gallery (group) Munich.
2008. Roberto Simoni 2004-2008 (solo) Ars Agenda, Munich.
2008. OPENING (group) Ars Agenda, Munich.
2008. The Carlyle Group (solo) Munich.
2007. Eyed, Literatur Moths (solo) Munich.
2004 Looking and Thinking (group) Tongji University, Shanghai.

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