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Ernesto Tedeschi, Italian writer and photographer, researches on both photography and literature, and in particular on the peculiarities and differences between the two.
His first and early novel “Big and Small”, an imaginary story inspired by Rodari, has been performed in 1983 in Avellino, his native town. In the same year, he wins the context “La fiaba più bella”.
He studies humanities at La Sapienza in Roma and he specialises in cinematography at Nuct, with the thesis “Arte e reportage nell’agenzia Magnum Photos” (2009).
Then, he starts working at several video and photo projects. He makes reportages among Monaco, Copenhaghen and Berlino, especially focusing on innovative resources management systems.
He specialises on landscape photography in Milan. There, he meets Reed Young, New York Times photographer, and he is inspired by his ironical, peppy and Pop attitude: Ernesto Tedeschi characters, even if they are not celebs, become stereotypes and icons of contemporary society.
In 2012, during a visit to Japan, Tedeschi realises the series Pittografie, researching on overexposure with a virtuosity technique that aims at recreating a watercolours impression - from that, the neologism of the title.
Weightless colurs and faded detalis recreate a short-sighted vision. Against the sea background, characters whose identity is expressed by their tools: clothes, inflatables, small boats.    

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