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Fabio Orsi was born in Naples in 1979, he studied and graduated as a sound engineer in 2001. Lives and works in Berlin, as a sound engineer, in addition to being a photographer and a musician with skills and experience in experimental research, in particular the study of sound and its propagation in the environment.


His work has focused on the technique of field recording, through the use of digital recorders and microphones. His study on the sound environment is closely linked to the world of photography. Fabio captures sound as if they were photos and pictures as if they were memories. The harmony between sound and image is for him one of the most fascinating things, a connection indispensable for his work, which tends to explore the theme of memory, evocative memory, subjective perception, in various fields. In this regard, he has worked and still works in national and international projects, in the form of workshops or lessons, linked to the idea of sound map or simply sound postcards. The workshops made in Bari, Milan, Bochum, Luxembourg, Madrid are one example. His work as a musician instead gathers his intimate vision of the world, carrying it in a dreamlike dimension, made of deep sounds and repetitive loops. The use in this case of field recordings, computer rather than the often multi-layered pattern of guitars and keyboards, catch the listener on a micro cosmos of auditory experiences. Probably without the photography his work as a musician would be far or maybe not even exist. It is probable that he began to experiment with photography even before he took up a camera. The same process of sounds collection, inventory, nurturing and liberation, Orsi does with photography. In his photographs, Orsi builds a dream within a dream, a sound into another sound, a story in a story, with a mechanism infallible, far from pure aestheticism.

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